Volunteer Oppurtunities in and Around Acton Ontario

The Acton Community Garden
The Acton Community Garden is a Multigenerational, collective and collaborative organic community garden.

 The Acton Community Garden is located by the soccer field next to Roatary Park in Acton Ontario Canada. 

It is truly the definition of a community garden with anyone from the community able to help out in our gardening, as well as anyone being able to access our food.

Any food not utilized by garden members is donated to the Food for Life program run out of St. Albans Church in Acton.

Some activities you may enjoy or benefit from  include being outside, socializing, planting watering, and maintaining the garden.

We are also able to provide volunteer hours  as needed. 
Inspire Halton

inspire Halton is a group that seeks to bring out the best in our youth. 
Our main ways of contributing are through community events and talent shows, though we also sit on committees surrounding issues pertaining to youth and doing presentations. 

Possible roles include helping with the stage crew, contributing to a task force or performing. 
All ages or experience levels welcome. 
Able to provide volunteer hours needed.

Need Volunteers?
Do you, or your organization need Volunteers? Contact us. You could be here. *Free for non-profit and charity partners*