In the summer of 2016, Chris Golden was hired by a Media company as an Associate Publisher with the task of starting a new magazine for the Acton area.

After making multiple sales to partially fund the magazine he came to a realization New Years 2017. After seeing multiple businesses close down and seeing all the ads that were in local print Christmas and New Years (The time when media companies often get most ads) He determined even if he had all the ads in any of the local print that year, it would still not be enough to cover the baseline for the magazine the media company wanted.

Though Chris was happy with the media company he was working for and felt he had learned alot there, he also learned a tremendous amount about Acton, its people and its desires.

After approaching his company with the findings he was left with 2 options, continue pushing on in a path that seemed unsuccessful, or to leave Acton, and start in a new area. 
Being someone who does not enjoy ultimatums or his options presented in "black and white", Chris decided on a third option. To create a fresh new approach to media in Acton and start his own company that would fit Acton's needs. 

Having worked with Alex Hilson on multiple things in the past from Inspire Halton to various concerts and events and having faith in his dynamic abilities he confronted Alex with the idea. It was then that UP Communications and Acton UP was born.

UP Communications strives to do exactly what its name says, raise UP the community of Acton, by communicating things that ultimately lift the standard of our town. This does not necessarily mean that everything we cover has a "lovey-dovey" feel or is all "promotion", though we do enjoy that. It means that our messages, articles, videos and anything we communicate has a greater purpose than just news,  We want to make Acton a better place. We want to bring Acton, UP.
Alex Hilson
Chris Golden